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WoSCA Certification Work Skills Certification Assessment
Our target participants: WoSCA Certification can be requested by any worker, unoccupied and unemployed that wants a recognition of their Master/Course. Certification WoSCA Recognition of competences and skills gained by managers, professionals, employs and unemployed within their job area Validity:  3 years (annual renewal)  Fee:Contact us for information Certificationís Goals WoSCA is a recognition that the professional: - posses and knows how to use knowledges, skills and theoretical and technical competences that allow him to solve professional problems in bodies-institutes-companies in which professional works. - is ready to act technically, use professional tools, run testes and make offers to answer to requests of working, social and cultural context. - is specialized, capable of analyse and intervene in his working area. Doing so, he contribute to a qualitative development of the Social Community of Knowledge and to personal realization in the social and economic reality. ENTER WoSCA WEBSITE Certificationís Areas