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Our Target Participant: To all workers, employed or unemployed
Course’s Goals  Development and strengthening of knowledge and competences about: 	Definition of Problem Solving and its Phases 	Process of Problem Finding         Solution Planning 	Process of Decision Making   	Process of Results and Processes Assessment                                               	Conflict management and choosing solutions 	Analysis of interpersonal relationship in difficult situation 	Multiple and new Intelligences 	Training of emotive competences 	Emotive Intelligence 	Creativity and Innovation Titolo acquisito con il Corso Training Certificate of “Expert in Problem Solving and Decision Making and Conflict Management in the Working Area” Course Period:  300 hours (60 hours in class, 80 hours of e-learning, 80 hours of stage, 80 hours of formative path’s documentation) It is possible to attend the course entirely on the e-learning platform Course Fee:    500 € (350€ if by E-Learning) Books and lecture notes included
The course offer a specific training to professionals who wants to deepen their own knowledge and competences about techniques and models for the Resolution of Problems, the Decision Making and Management of Conflicts in their own Company/Body. Training
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